Q: Can I return a cannabis product if I’m not happy with product?
No, all sales are final, but there are some exceptions. If a licence producer (LP) recalls a product, then there is a 100% refund or replacement as directed by the AGLC. If a vape cartridge is faulty a customer can have it replaced within 30 days of purchase with receipt of purchase. All cannabis accessories that may be faulty, Borealis Buds will direct the customer to contact the manufacturer for replacement. 

Q: Do I have to be home to receive my order?
Yes, you will need to be home to receive your order and provide valid government-issued photo ID which proves you are 18 years of age or older. 

For Canada Post delivery, if no one is home, the Canada Post delivery agent will leave a delivery notice card with instructions for pickup. 

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older may accept your order, if they show valid government-issued photo ID.

If your package is being picked up from a Canada Post outlet by someone other than you, they must show valid government-issued photo ID that shows they have the same address as you.

Borealis Buds will deliver to in Fort McMurray, Alberta by Bull Dog Delivery or Canada Post within Alberta, Canada

Q: How will my order be delivered?
Borealis Buds will deliver by contract personnel from Bull Dog Delivery. Orders will be processed the next day if placed after 9pm Monday - Saturday, and 7pm on Sundays. For the latest information on delivery and shipping methods please call 587 275-1624 for timing and fees.  

Q: Will I have to show my ID when I receive my order?
Yes, you will need show valid government-issued photo ID which proves you are 19 years of age or older to the delivery driver.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order after I’ve placed it?
Orders cannot be cancelled. Borealis Buds team assembles your order very soon after you place it, if you notice an error right after receiving your order confirmation number, you should immediately call Borealis Buds customer service line at 1-587-275-1624 to see if the order can be changed.

Q: The product I want to purchase is sold out. When will you get more stock?
Inventory for all cannabis products will be replenished from the AGLC as they become available from the AGLC. Borealis Buds orders are placed with the AGLC every Monday with delivery to Borealis Buds the following Wednesday. Our website is live, so as soon as new product is received the website will update Wednesday mornings. We encourage you to check back regularly.

Q: What is CBD?
CBD is short for cannabidiol and is another common cannabinoid in cannabis. When consumed, CBD affects various processes in your body but does not produce an intoxicating effect.

Q: What is THC?
Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the most common cannabinoid in cannabis. It is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicating “high” that may be experienced when it’s consumed.

Q: What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?
The most significant difference between these two subspecies of cannabis is their effects and how they influence energy levels and productivity.

Indica’s tend to decrease energy and provide relaxing benefits and are better for consumption in the evening or at night.

Sativa’s are more uplifting and cerebral, enhancing creativity and productivity. Indica’s provide a “body high,” while sativa’s deliver more of a “mind high.”

Q: What is a Hybrid?
Hybrids are bred from two different “parent” plants. A hybrid can possess most of the beneficial properties of both parent plants. Breeders can cross pollinate any two strains to create a new strain that delivers the best of both indica and sativa plants. Indica and sativa hybrids are quite common strains of recreational flower.

Q: What are Terpenes?
Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. They are responsible for the aromas, flavors, and even colors associated with several types of plants. In terms of cannabis, terpenes are what make certain strains smell or taste different from others. 

The terpene profile, or dominant terpenes, of a strain work in tandem with the cannabinoid content – the amount of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids – to produce the effects people associate with different strains, this explains why two different strains, with the same THC level can produce such different experiences.

Q: What does ‘Full Spectrum’ mean?
A full spectrum product will contain all the natural compounds of the cannabis plant.

Q: Do hemp and recreational cannabis produce different types of CBD?
In short, no. The molecule remains the same, regardless of which type of plant it comes from. Hemp and cannabis are terms for the same species of plant. While the two have a similar appearance, the term “hemp” is used to classify cannabis plants that contain no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As with cannabis, Health Canada regulates hemp production and controls the type of hemp strains that producers are allowed to grow. Health Canada reports that because these strains contain so little THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, they cannot produce the “intoxicating effect” typically associated with cannabis use. 

Q: How do I understand the THC and CBD content displayed on my cannabis product label?
In its natural state, cannabis has low levels of active cannabinoids. When cannabis is decarboxylated, either through heating or processing, its cannabinoid levels increase. So, the CBD and THC content are displayed on every product label in two ways.

The first numbers, listed as “THC” and/or “CBD”, represent the active cannabinoid levels in the cannabis as purchased. Dried cannabis will have a low level of active cannabinoids because it hasn’t been heated yet. The second numbers are listed as “Total THC” and “Total CBD.” These figures represent the active cannabinoid levels in the cannabis when ready for consumption.

Q: Do cannabis products have an expiry date? How do I know if my product is fresh?
Cannabis labels list the date that the cannabis was packaged on, which indicates when the finished product was placed and sealed in its final packaging. There are currently no expiry dates for cannabis products. If the product is properly stored in a dark, dry place and in an airtight container, it should maintain its full potency until opened.

Q: How do I contact the Licensed Producer of my product?
Should you ever need to reach them, the licensed producer of every product must provide their name and contact details on the product label, including an email address and phone number. Each product also includes a lot number which refers to a specific harvest, or “lot” of products, which helps trace it back to quality control processes. Take note of the lot number if making a product inquiry.

Q: How do I grow my own cannabis plants indoors?
Cannabis plants require a lot of attention and very specific conditions to thrive. You’ll need an enclosed space where you can control light and humidity. On average, indoor plants require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to promote flowering. Watering your indoor cannabis plants regularly with filtered water will help encourage growth. 

Q: When will my cannabis plants be ready for harvesting?
Cannabis should be harvested approximately 56–75 days after the plant flowers. Wait until approximately 60% of the trichomes on the buds turn from milky white to amber. To dry the flowers, use drying racks or hang in a warm, dry, dark, well-ventilated location and cure buds for 5-15 days depending on the density of the flowers and the drying conditions.

Q: Do you offer refunds for seeds that do not germinate?
No. Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for seeds that do not germinate. Some producers will offer a replacement. Contact the producer by the 1-800 number on the package to see if they will replace any seeds that do not germinate.

Q: Why is it unsafe for youth to consume cannabis?
The brain continues developing until around age 25, and the use of cannabis may interfere with this development.  When consumed, cannabis directly interacts with your brain and central nervous system.  Risks are increased with heavy, prolonged consumption and the early onset of use.

Q: How long will cannabis stay in my system?
This always depends on how much you consume, how you consume it and your genetics, age, personality, sex, and other personal biological factors. Effects can take up to 24 hours to fully dissipate, but THC can be detectable in the bloodstream for up to thirty (30) days or more, depending on several factors, including frequency of use. There are few reports of secondary intoxication (i.e., from second hand smoke or vape), but it also depends on several factors, including dose and ventilation of the space.

Q: Do all cannabis products make you high?
No. Cannabis products containing THC will have an intoxicating effect or produce a “high”. However, some cannabis products are exclusively CBD and generally have no intoxicating effects.

Q: Can I cook with cannabis?
Yes, but it takes practice to create cannabis-infused products that are consistently dosed. You can learn more about cooking, safe handling, and preparation from online cooking books. 

Q: How do I know how much cannabis to consume?
Always start with a very small amount: one inhalation or a small amount ingested. Wait at least 10 minutes before inhaling again and 60 minutes before ingesting any more. If ingesting THC or CBD capsules or oil, follow the directions on the packaging. If you’re new to ingesting cannabis, consider ingesting very small amounts and waiting at least an hour to determine a product’s full effect. The effects of cannabis vary from person to person and will also depend on the type of product and method used for consumption, along with other personal factors that can include genetics, existing mental health conditions, current mood, age, personality, sex and whether cannabis has been consumed often enough to develop a tolerance. If you’re new to consuming cannabis or looking for a milder psychoactive effect, choose products with lower THC potency or cannabis products that contain CBD. If you prefer to avoid any potential for intoxication, opt for 100% CBD products.

Q: Can I pay with a prepaid credit card?
Yes, Borealis Buds accepts Visa and Master Card prepaid credit cards and debt cards. We are very sorry, but we currently cannot accept American Express cards. 

Q: Why does legal cannabis sometimes cost more than what’s available on the illegal market?
While some of our prices maybe slightly higher than those encountered on the illegal market, when you buy from Alberta authorized retail stores, you’re getting tested, traceable, high-quality cannabis products.

Q: Why does legal cannabis seem to be packaged so excessively?
To protect against accidental consumption, ensuring products are not appealing to children or youth, and to provide the consumer with the necessary information to make informed decisions, Licensed Producers must adhere to stringent packaging and labelling requirements enforced by the Federal Cannabis Act and Health Canada. The good news is that most cannabis packaging can be recycled, depending on where you live.

Q: When do I get my tracking number?
You will receive an e-mail notification when your order is shipped including the Canada Post tracking number.

Q: Will all my items arrive together?
Generally, all items will be sent together in one package of 30 grams. There may be exceptions based on the size and availability of the products.

Q: What should I do if my vape cartridge has crystallized?
Don’t worry, crystallization naturally occurs in vape cartridges that contain around 60% CBD or more. You can try applying a low amount of heat, and then inhaling two to three times. There are also several batteries available that have pre-heat functions that heat the oil prior to consumption. This may help temporarily remedy the crystallization. When the vape cools, the oil will likely recrystallize eventually; you can repeat the above methods before next use as needed.

Q: What is the dried flower equivalency for extracts?
0.25g of cannabis extracts is equivalent to 1g of dried cannabis flower.

Q: What are edibles?
Edibles are intended to be consumed via eating or drinking. Edibles are made with either cannabis flower or concentrates. They include chews, baked goods, chocolates, and beverages. Edibles are absorbed through the digestive tract and provide a smoke-free option to cannabis, though it can take much longer than smoking or vaping to feel effects. However, depending on the dose and potency levels, effects can feel more pronounced and may last longer than the effects you experience when smoking or vaping. 

Q: Are edibles produced in a nut-free environment?
It depends on the Licensed Producer's facility; however, all edible packaging will list potential allergens that are, or could be, present in the product.

 Q: What makes ‘fast acting’ edibles act fast?
Consuming THC edibles usually means an onset time of between 30 and 90 minutes, with the effects reaching their peak at closer to 2 to 3 hours.

A fast-acting edible takes effect much faster, as they are absorbed into the bloodstream. THC molecules can take a while for the body to break them down. Nano-emulsification is a process that takes those molecules and breaks them down into the tiniest, microscopic particles. So instead of having to wait 30, 60, or 90 minutes or longer for the THC to interact with the endocannabinoid system and yield effects, you may experience the effects in a matter of minutes.

Q: What is an Oral Spray?
Oral spray is cannabis oil — cannabis extract mixed with a neutral oil (MCT) that has been packaged in a spray bottle and is taken orally. It can be used as an alternative to smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis. Shake the bottle well before using to ensure the extract is evenly mixed with the oil. Typical use is to push down on the pump and spray under your tongue or on the inside of your cheek. Approximately 5 sprays will equal 1ml of product.

Q: What are cannabis extracts?
Extracts (also known as concentrates) have been extracted from the cannabis flower and processed into a concentrated form and can be either ingested or inhaled. Examples include cannabis oil, vape cartridge liquid, shatter, wax, kief and tinctures. Effects can be experienced almost immediately after consumption and can last 1-3 hours, depending on the person.

Q: What is cannabis topicals?
Topicals are cannabis-infused products that are intended to be applied to skin, hair or nails. Infused through the bloodstream, most products do not cause intoxication or psychoactive effects and allow you to feel the therapeutic effects of cannabis without smoking or vaping. Examples of these products include lotions, balms, bath salts, bath bombs, toothpaste, chap sticks, and soaps.  

Q: My dried flower has lost its moisture content, what can I do?
At the time of packaging, dried flower typically has moisture content between 8 and 15%.  However, depending on how it is stored, moisture loss will occur. To re-introduce moisture back into your dried flower, you can add a humidity pack to an airtight container and remove it once the product has reached its desired level of moisture. You can also rehydrate your product by adding a small piece of carrot, which does not transfer the taste to your product. Remove the carrot once your happy with the moisture level. 

Q: Why does my cannabis product weigh more or less than listed on the package?
The AGLC only sells regulated, quality-controlled, and tested cannabis products to it licenced retailers. AGLC sources its products from federally licensed producers authorized by Health Canada. These products are shipped to the AGLC from licensed producers and are individually packaged and sealed with an excise stamp. Health Canada sets strict standards for the net weight and net volume included on cannabis product labels. These rules allow for weight and volume to vary from labelled amounts within certain limits. If the product is between zero and two grams, Health Canada allows for a 10 percent variance. If the product is more than two grams, Health Canada allows for a 5 percent variance. Borealis Buds and the AGLC work with the licence producers to investigate all quality assurance complaints on behalf of the consumer.

Q: What’s the best way to research the products available at Borealis Buds?
All cannabis products available through Borealisbuds.ca contain information on THC and CBD content, terpene profiles, the producer. 

Q: Can products carried by Borealis Buds be traced back to their source?
Yes. Per federal regulations, manufacturer lot information is indicated on every package.

Q: What standards does Borealis Buds use for selecting products?
Borealis Buds carries only cannabis products from federally licensed producers in Canada. Licensed producers are subject to federal Health Canada regulations regarding the production facilities, conditions, and origins of their products. Health Canada regularly visits producers to ensure these strict regulations are being followed, and regularly request to see their Certificate of Analysis to ensure that all products are tested and verified as safe for consumers. 

Q: What do I do if a product has been recalled?
Please contact Borealis Buds customer service line at 1-587-275-1624.

Q: Can I grow cannabis plants outdoors?
Cannabis plants are annuals and are not indigenous to our region therefore outdoor growing is challenging. Plant them outside in mid to late spring in a private fenced-in spot with good soil and plenty of sun and space and water them regularly. Individuals can grow up to 4 plants. 

Q: Where can I consume cannabis?
Currently, you can smoke or vape your recreational and medical cannabis in your private home, in your unit or on your balcony (depending on your building rules), in designated guest rooms in hotels, motels or inns, residential boats or vehicles fitted with permanent sleeping accommodations and cooking facilities when parked or anchored and meet other criteria, and in other controlled areas. However, other laws and policies may apply to restrict cannabis use in these places, such as municipal by-laws, condo by-laws, lease agreements, and the policies of employers and property owners.

Q: Can I go into the United States or any other countries with my legally purchased cannabis?
No. Never cross the border with your legally purchased cannabis. Cannabis remains an illegal drug in the U.S. and many other countries, even despite some states legalizing cannabis for non-medical and medical purposes. If you are re-entering Canada from another country and you have cannabis with you in any form, you must declare it to the Canada Border Services Agency. Not declaring cannabis in your possession at the Canadian border could lead to arrest and prosecution. 

Q: What is the legal age to purchase cannabis?
In Alberta, you must be at least 18 years of age to buy and possess cannabis.

Q: Can I travel with cannabis outside the province?
As of October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis became legal across Canada. The public possession limit of cannabis is 30 grams per individual. Crossing the Canadian border with cannabis remains illegal, even after legalization. More information related to cannabis and travelling across the Canadian border can be found on the Government of Canada’s web page.

Q: How much recreational cannabis am I allowed to purchase?
In Alberta, adults 18 years of age or older may purchase up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, or the equivalent in other formats, per transaction. Borealis Buds online store will include a shopping bag calculator that will be visible during shopping and when confirming an order before payment. This calculator automatically converts all cannabis products into the equivalent of dried cannabis in accordance with federal legislation. While customers may select more than 30 grams in the shopping bag, selections must be narrowed down to 30 grams or less when confirming an order and purchasing products. It is important for customers to understand that provincial legislation restricts the maximum amount of cannabis an individual may possess in public to 30 grams. Adults 18 years of age or older in Alberta may possess over 30 grams in a private residential dwelling. Provincial legislation reaffirms the federal restriction of 30 grams as the maximum legal amount of cannabis an individual can possess in public.

Q: What is The Cannabis Act?
Canada’s Cannabis Act legalized the consumption, possession, and purchase of up to 30 grams of cannabis for recreational use for adults 18 years of age or older. In Alberta, recreational cannabis is only available for purchase by adults 18 years of age or older and only through retail online cannabis stores or brick and mortar stores. It is still illegal to purchase cannabis from non-licensed sources.